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Our Policy


  1. Image Release Policy: We do not release raw or unedited images under any circumstances. We highly value your input in the image selection process and believe that being present in our studio allows you to make the best choices. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and to ensure the highest quality work, we encourage you to personally select your preferred images during your visit to our studio at your convenience.  

  2. Editing Policy: For more extensive edits such as full body sliming, or major hair adjustments, there is an additional luxury editing fee of $20.00 per image.We provide professional retouching, which includes skin retouching, acne and blemish removal, removing stray hairs, brightening, darkening and shadow corrections. We also correct backgrounds when needed. These edits enhance the overall look of the portrait, giving it a professional polished finished look. We take great care in our editing process to deliver exceptional results. However, if you have any concerns or disputes about editing, additional fees apply.  

  3. Background Choices: We offer solid backgrounds during studio sessions. Once selected, the background color will remain as is, as we do not make major or fake background adjustments. 

  4. Selection Meeting process policy: Immediately after your session, you'll have the opportunity to personally select your images in our studio. We'll be there to guide you and answer any specific editing questions you may have. Please note that we don't provide watermarked or not watermarked versions of our unedited work virtually, and virtual image selection options are not available. We believe that an in-person experience ensures the best outcome, allowing us to assist you in making perfect choices for your images while preventing image theft. Once you've confirmed your selection, any additional image balances are paid, and we proceed with our retouching process. If you wish to make further changes after editing, re-edits are subject to a fee of $50.00 per image.

  5. 30 days of files: Our standard image retention period is 30 days. Should you wish to make additional selections beyond this timeframe, a nominal fee of $35 will apply. Should you decide you want a different portrait from your initial selection, you have the option to purchase another one at $35.00 per additional image. 

  6. Late Fees: Please be punctual for your photoshoot. You may arrive 5mins before your session, no earlier. Clients who arrive 30 minutes late will incur a $50 late fee, with an additional $50 fee for every 30 minutes thereafter. For example: 2hrs late = $200

  7. Payment for Additional Images: Additional images beyond the images included, a minimum of 50% payment must be made on the day of the selection meeting. Payment plans are available in most cases.

  8. Rush fee policy: If you need your images before our standard delivery time of 3-5weeks, the rush fee will ensure priority processing to meet your deadline. The rush fee payment is due before the editing process begins. Failure to pay the rush fee by the specified deadline may result in a delay in image delivery and void the rush service.

  9. Pets Policy: While we adore furry friends, pets are allowed in the studio only if they are being photographed. A $35 pet fee applies for pet photoshoots.

  10. Closed Sessions: To ensure the best experience and minimize distractions, sessions are closed to additional family and friends not being photographed. If you bring an additional person, they will assist our team for a smooth session. Cell phone photos are not allowed, except for behind-the-scenes shots. Makeup artists can take before and after makeup shots. The exception is bridal sessions, where assistance is allowed with getting ready and holding bridal accessories.

  11. Session Types: During a session, only one type of photoshoot is allowed. If you wish to add an additional session type, you can do so by paying an additional $100+tax to include it in your current session or book a separate additional session at the full rate.

  12. Makeup Requirement: For all female clients, professional makeup is required. If you don't have a makeup artist, we'd be happy to suggest one for you from our glam squad team. Investing in professional makeup aligns with the high-quality photography experience you've booked with us. You've chosen a professional photographer, and we believe that a clean and polished appearance adds to the overall professionalism and beauty of your portraits. Thank you for considering this option to enhance your photography session.

  13. Positive Attitudes and Smiles: Last but not least, we believe in displaying a positive and joyful atmosphere during our photoshoots and throughout your full experience. Your smiles and positive attitudes are the key to capturing beautiful moments!

Rescheduling & Cancellation Policy:

We understand that plans may change, and we aim to accommodate your needs as best as possible.

Cancellations and rescheduling made 48 hours in advance of the scheduled shoot date/time incur no additional charge.

For cancellations or reschedules within the 48-hour window, a fee of $75 will apply. We recognize that unforeseen circumstances like weather, sickness, or family emergencies are beyond your control, and we do not penalize clients for rescheduling under such extreme reasons.

Social Media:

Feel free to share your images on Social Media to showcase your beautiful moments. To maintain the integrity of our photographs, we kindly request that you refrain from cropping or adding a filter to our already professionally edited photos. Social media posts may have slight distortion and are not of the highest image quality, keep this in mind when you post.

Model Release:

We hold the unrestricted right to use and publish photographs and slide shows, including but not limited to editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purposes considered standard in the industry. These purposes may include advertising, internet promotion, photographic contests, public displays, photography books, blogs, studio displays, sample albums, and other appropriate uses.


Opt-Out Option:

If you wish to opt out of the model release and prevent the public use of your pictures by ELIZABETH ASHLEY & CO., you can choose this option. However, please be aware that opting out incurs an additional 15% marketing fee of the total package fees.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to reach out. We look forward to providing you with an amazing photography experience! Thank you for choosing ELIZABETH ASHLEY & CO. 

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