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"Making memories affordable...and still creative"


1 Hour Session per year

1-2 people

Up to 2 outfits

Up to 2 locations

10 fully retouched images on a USB

$5 per additional image

Print Release included

2 Hour Session or 2 Sessions per year

Up to 5 people 

Up to 5 outfits

Up to 3 locations

20 fully retouched images on a USB

$5 per additional image

Print Release included

3 Hour Session 

Up to 5 people 

Unlimited outfits

Unlimited locations

30 fully retouched images on a USB

$5 per additional image

Print Release included











We have created a way for you to get photos taken annually for very little monthly. It's a simple, light and fun approach to photography.

No huge price up front, just pay it later. We don't mind. 

Simply pay as low as $25+tax per month for a photo shoot per year! Any type of photo shoot!


Be a great friend and gift it to your friend. You know someone who needs updated photos, this is a great way to say, "I love you and you deserve great photos!"

  • Sign up today and it will draft on today's date monthly. Pay it off early anytime.

  • 3 month commitment- Schedule your session after three payments are completed. 

  • Cancel after 12 months or keep it going for your next photo shoot. It's up to you.

  • Previous clients can schedule their session right away

  • New clients, must sign an agreement and credit/debit draft form 

Photos don't need to be less than what you want, just because of cost. Try our membership plan and get both super creative and professional fully edited photos while only paying a small fee per month.


Cancellation Policy

Being a member is not only a privilege, but it is operated on an honor system. Cancel anytime, please note there will be NO REFUNDS.


No early cancellations will be accepted without written email notification AND payment of $175 cancellation fee. 


By submitting your payment online, you are agreeing to the above insertion schedule and you understand that your credit card will be charged via our secure online payment system (paypal) in accordance to the above insertion schedule chosen by you. The date that you submitted your payment is the same date it will draft automatically monthly. 


1. We do not release raw or unedited images under any circumstances.


2. $50 late fee for clients 30 mins late, $50 per 30 mins thereafter.


3. Must pay for additional images on the day of selection ($10 per image)


4. No Pets in the studio unless they are being photographed, if they are being 

photographed there is an additional $35 pet sitting fee.


5. All Sessions are CLOSED. In the past we have experienced additional family, kids and friends on photo shoots that are more of a distraction than a help to the client. In order for you to have the BEST experience possible, just bring your beautiful self. If you insist, your additional person, please let us know and that party will be asked to assist the photographer and staff to help your session move smoothly. 


6. No cell phone photos are allowed other than behind the scenes. Makeup artists are allowed to take before and after shots for makeup.


7. Professional Makeup is REQUIRED for all female subjects, if you do not have a professional makeup artist, one will be suggested for you.


Our Customer Care Team will make sure you’ve got all the info you need.

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